Pohon Mangga Berbuah Masam

There’s a mango tree in front of my house and at the moment, there are 3 mangoes riping. There was 4 before, but Ronald couldn’t wait until it got totally riped, so he broke its virginity about last week :)

The mango tree doesn’t really belong to me as it’s this house owner’s and I only rent this lovely place. And there were more mangoes before, but my neighbors hire thiefs as maids – so they stole the fruits. They must be professional thiefs since the tree is located just in front of my bedroom, but I’d never known whenever they climbed up the tree and stole the precious mangoes.

So Ronald and I had “pesta rujak mangga” on the day Dudung came back from Singapore. It’s very sour, but it’s better to take it before someone else’s aka one of those maids stole it.

I took 2 more pictures today. Not one of my good shots, but they’re my pictures of the day, neways.



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