Gosh. Stop Spam-ing Me!

I don’t know why some people are SO MUCH in love with spam, both receiving and sending. I don’t care if they loved receiving the trash, but gosh, don’t throw your trash inside my mailbox!

I found it’s sad that a friend doesn’t even care if I sent the person an e-mail and/or an SMS, asking how s/he is, but I’m sure my mail is read – because s/he keeps sending me trashes and it annoys me like shit. So what annoy me is that my inbox is being treated as a junk box, not a place where I expect it to be. Communicating with people. Communicating means communicate, not expecting me to read stuff I don’t feel like reading.

Is it THAT hard for you to reply my “how are you” messages?

Some spams also carry virus. And if my computer got a virus from you, it will be all your fault. Well, maybe not – if I blocked your e-mail address real soon ;)

So stop acting like a Nigerian and let me give you a playground for your grand hobby. Post your forwarded e-mail to Forward Garden. Your great messages will be more “useful” and “entertaining” since they will be read by the whole world.

Yes. I’m a sarcastic bitch. Now what?

And Kent. Thank you for being the first person that added a picture to my virtual pinboard. Connie’s Swedish lover, huh? :P


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