I’m Still Alive!

It’s not that I was lazy to update this blog.
It’s not that I was too busy so I couldn’t update this blog.
It’s not that I’d lost interest in updating this blog.

It’s not that I died. Or, dying.

But something happened on my new desktop :cry:

So, again, I’m updating this blog on my desktop but I’m staring at Martin’s LCD because mine was broken and it’s all an asshole’ fault! :evil:

Just some updates because I’m SO damn tired now:

I visited Mom Saturday morning with Dad and Miskiyah. It’s her very first year anniversary in Heaven. So I said, “Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mom…” before I left. And as usual, teardrops fell on the ground when she was laid down last year. But God is SO good. It wasn’t raining at all in Tegal Alur while at the same time, the rain fell in Bintaro!

:arrow: pictures

After that, we went to a Carrefour that’s located very nearby to Mom’s. I bought a 3ft Christmas tree for Rp.39,900 and its ornaments. I couldn’t wait to decorate the tree once we got home and voila! We’re having the cutest small Christmas tree ever! I found the Christmas Minnie and Goofy that I got from McDonald’s Singapore during the season in 2000.

:arrow: pictures and video

Then we took pictures in front of the tree. There’s a hole in our heart, especially mine – but a smile would fill it up.

:arrow: pictures

Welcome back, December. And have a nice week end to all of ya.


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