From Twitter 09-17-2010

  • 00:43:31: My favorite times of the day are those minutes we spend chatting on the phone. Goodnight, dear #someone :*
  • 00:48:31: “You don’t enjoy love until you appreciate loneliness.” – @ekaOtto
  • 01:03:47: I miss your hugs and kisses, but most of all it’s you that I miss. Being with you is all that counts :)
  • 01:54:00: Actually there were so many things I wanted to tell you when we were on the phone a couple of hours ago, but I prefer to tell you in person.
  • 01:54:51: Ini kita banget ya, #nomention :) RT @sepatumerah: #lovetalks ga boleh pulang | lah tp harus. | ya udah deh boleh. #MenyeMenye #TapiPlinPlan
  • 02:01:31: Just finished watching “Chloe”. Jadi apa kesimpulannya? Tusuk konde ibunya? xD
  • 02:21:12: I like your new BBm avatar, @DewiSubrata. A sleeping happy Dewi :))
  • 02:23:47: RT @aMrazing @carlotamba: My Aunt, Nani M Gultom, w/ lymphoma, butuh 10 ktg. darah gol. “O”, di RSCM. Hub: Ossy +628121059393. THANK U!
  • 02:30:37: Time to go to sleep now. Be good, tweeps – since Santa is preparing gifts for good boys & good gals. #Natalsudahdekat #menurutsaya
  • 08:06:44: I’m sad that I can’t see @farahouw & @rudy_says anymore until the end of the year as they’re leaving to their hometown in Manado today :((
  • 08:08:48: But I’m happy to meet up my high school friends later for lunch: @adegichu @Andaryosara @Broerie @diann_c @EValentinas @netaneea! Yay :))
  • 08:18:39: Tuh kan. Makanya saya malas olahraga :)) RT @kompasdotcom: Melangsingkan, Kuncinya Bukan Olahraga
  • 08:38:42: #FF #Virgo edition: @dhani_nurdadi @Exotrisc @frankysihombing @ijotoska @iwanwinarto @JengSusan @MambyAruan @seeahunt @sheque @sirajbustami
  • 08:51:04: Thanks buat terjemahan bahasa kalbunya, @kikisuriki #eaaa :D
  • 08:53:35: Belek itu pertanda kita semalam tidur nyenyak. Jelek itu pertanda kita perlu inner beauty lebih dari manusia “normal”. #eh
  • 09:00:21: LOL! RT @twis_ter: maksud saya kantor pos di Sydney…maap yak. RT @PosIndonesia: terima kasih :) RT @twis_ter: Kantor posnya menyenangkan.
  • 09:03:20: #FF the wittiest & funniest #Virgo in my timeline: @St_agustaf & his @TheStenshow. Yes, I adore Virgos a lot :))
  • 09:07:12: + seluruh beha di semua toko! :)) RT @catwomanizer: I don’t have boobs, therefore I’m trustworthy. XD
  • 09:12:43: Dear @parishilton, will you bring your Chi when you come to Indonesia? If so, let’s match our Chis together. My C’est Moi is a horny baby ☺
  • 09:24:21: #thesecret #LoA RT @iwanwinarto: Amin RT @ZodiacFacts: As a #Virgo things are well on their way to happening if you let them.
  • 09:55:42: Saya mau berteman dgn orang yg mau berteman dgn saya & tdk keberatan jika ada yg tdk mau berteman dgn saya. #kalem #tapinangisdalamsumur
  • 10:49:44: Kangen nih.
  • 10:52:17: “When you shut people out of your life, they will eventually quit trying to be a part of it.” – Aaron Marshall via @ihatequotes
  • 10:55:14: “If you were meant to be there, you would be. If it was meant to happen, it would have.” @TheSingleWoman | See? Things happen for a reason ☺
  • 12:28:17: Lunch with @andaryosara @broerie @diann_c @netaneea @evalentinas. Where are you, @adegichu? (@ Zhuma Japanese w/ @diann_c)
  • 13:45:31: I just unlocked the “Just Desserts” badge on @foursquare!
  • 13:45:31: I’m at Sour Sally Senayan City w/ @netaneea.
  • 14:26:31: Ternyata bintangnya siang ini bukan @Andaryosara tapi Lita Siregar xD (@ Foodism)
  • 16:08:54: I’m at Jalan Asia Afrika (Jalan Asia Afrika, Jakarta).
  • 16:21:18: I’m at Cheese Cake Factory (Jl. Barito Raya no. 2, Jakarta Selatan).
  • 16:34:20: I just unlocked the “Road Warrior” badge on @foursquare!
  • 16:34:20: I’m at Starbucks Pondok Indah Mall (Jl. Metro Duta Niaga, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Lower Ground, Jakarta).
  • 16:52:24: Done with groceries shopping. Time to go back home now. (@ Hero)
  • 17:01:15: Menanti Pak Sunari sang supradin mekong. Jadi ngeskrim dulu. Baiklah. (@ Mama’s gelato)
  • 17:50:23: Siapa bilang kamu indah? Kamu macet, Pondok x_x (@ Jl. Metro Pondok Indah ©)
  • 18:32:33: Thank you for the lunch, Mbakyu @Andaryosara. Thanks for sending me home, Pak Sunari Sukoco & Meneer @Broerie. (@ ♥ Connie’s Lalalaland ♥)
  • 20:10:45: Buruan, cyin. Akika lapangan. Kantata juga. (@ Cilandak Town Square w/ 41 others)
  • 20:24:44: Dinner with @iwanwinarto. I’m going to pass out anytime soon. Hope not :\ (@ Fish & Co Citos)
  • 21:18:34: Wine time with friends. Awesome Friday. Wish you were here, though… (@ Connoisseur)

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