From Twitter 03-09-2011

  • 00:20:42: Manusia itu selama hidup itu nggak mungkin mati rasa. Kebanyakan rasa iya. Buktinya saat ini saya merasa mengantuk, bosan, & sembelit.
  • 00:32:56: I’d rather be alone than being with someone who’s able to bore himself away. Thanks for spending your time with me, anyways. *yawns*
  • 00:37:12: Agreed. VERY disappointing. RT @zarryhendrik: Ngecek timeline @AHMADDHANIPRAST ttg poligami, agaknya berbanding terbalik dgn lirik² Dewa 19.
  • 00:46:58: The movie didn’t bore me away. The person who was watching it with me did. Meh. (The King’s Speech via @gomiso)
  • 00:54:16: I’ve no idea why some (real life) friend(s) want(s) me to follow them on Twitter, yet they don’t even tweet? Showing me how dull they are?
  • 01:10:28: “Death is real.” – @missviona
  • 01:16:41: Ternyata msh ada warga Jkt kelas menengah yg tdk pernah punya email. Saya prihatin. Sungguh prihatin. Lebih prihatin dari SBY saat prihatin.
  • 01:59:43: RT @AHMADDHANIPRAST: Baru tau Soekarno punya 9 Istri. Memang Pantas jd Idola. Harusnya laki laki Indonesia ky Soekarno semua. Negara Jantan.
  • 02:01:36: Dear @AHMADDHANIPRAST, I’m a huge fan of Dewa, but you as a person disgust me in many ways. I pray that you’ll lose yr dick real soon. Amen.
  • 08:33:50: Happy Ash Wednesday @DjChivalrous @Broerie @diann_c @EValentinas @jenniesbevcom @iwanwinarto @eurosian2k @sarahjane_sj @mamiuti @OmarDjorghi
  • 08:38:55: Happy Ash Wednesday, @aMrazing @nataliatanyadji @n_samodra @catwomanizer @missviona @arthurrsamuel @Diozaurus @JeanotIsMe @uranchan
  • 08:40:21: Got attacked by gastric at 04:30 and just found out that the little bottle of Mylanta’s expired in September 2010. Good morning, tweeps.
  • 09:51:27: Happy Ash Wednesday, @TedPanel :3
  • 12:35:56: I’m re-watching “The King’s Speech” again. This time I understand it better with English subtitling. My bestie is fall asleep on my matress.
  • 12:37:02: RT @gandrasta: Premature April mop: SBY making a reshuffle joke on his people at March.
  • 14:03:45: Yup. That’s what I did \☺/ RT @AlberthieneE: Dan ninggalin kekasih tak setia adalah tindakan dgn kecepatan setara angin.
  • 14:43:54: Ini tweet 2 bln yl kenapa dibalas lagi ya skrg? Mungkin baru terbukti tweet saya ketika itu otentik?
  • 15:19:32: It’s an honor, @gembrit :))
  • 15:37:02: Bye, Ganteng. Baik-baik ya kamu sama si Tampan :3
  • 19:35:27: Mungkin rasa kangen itu semacam sifat buruk. Harus dibuang.
  • 19:54:29: Witing tresno jalaran soko kulino. Artinya: Cinta itu timbul jika kita sering makan (kulino → kuliner) ubi jalar.
  • 20:22:00: Is there any way to change God’s mind and God’s plan in our lives?
  • 20:46:34: Dear Jake Gyllenhaal, feel free to make me wet anytime, any day. Sincerely, Someone Who Just Squeezed Her Zit While Watching Your Movie
  • 20:55:09: People who say Twitter is boring have obviously been following the wrong tweeps. | cc: @viatumblr
  • 20:56:43: RT @agaverus: Follow @vinpluskemang for wine and spirit information, and update activities. PRT.
  • 21:27:25: Dear Anne Hathaway, I wonder what your parents did in the past so they’re cursed to have such a damn gorgeous daughter like you? o_O
  • 21:50:38: Confidence is king.
  • 22:42:14: When we bump into each other someday, what would we say? “Nice meeting you again.”? I bet it’s gonna be awkward. I’m not sure if I want it.
  • 22:47:17: If you had nothing to do tomorrow, @TGOrganizer is throwing another tweet up at 19:00 at 7/11 Mampang. Many tweeps will show up. Be there.
  • 22:50:51: What we are missing is maybe our mission in this life. So what am I missing now? A person? Something? I’m too clouded to think straight.
  • 22:52:43: FALSE. I do. A lot! :)) RT @Sexstrology: #Virgo’s dont like public displays of affection
  • 22:58:08: Maybe I don’t even miss you anymore. And I don’t cry for you. I don’t cry for us. I’m crying for myself. I miss me when I was with you.
  • 22:59:31: I wish I could kill myself when I was with you, so I wouldn’t make my current me crying right now. Let me turn back to that time.
  • 23:01:13: *komentarin* :)) RT @perempuansore: Dan yang mulai menyebalkan adalah semua tweet, ELO komentarin! #justsaying
  • 23:06:13: I love you. | Yeah, sure. Why shouldn’t you? #hurt | cc: @fatimaalkaff
  • 23:11:18: 11:11 – I love you. And thank you for loving me the same way, happiness :’)
  • 23:26:21: Sometimes the thing you most want doesn’t happen. Sometimes the thing you never expect to happen, does.
  • 23:31:20: If I wore a condom on my head, would it save my mind from being fucked by unhappy thoughts and worries?
  • 23:33:37: If I were a guy, Id fall anytime for either @fatimaalkaff, @perempuansore, or @heykila. Or, maybe three of them. They truly kill my mind :))
  • 23:42:56: I will never get tired of falling in love, but sometimes it seems like love is getting tired of being loved by me :)) | cc: @perempuansore
  • 23:46:11: I love you. | No, you don’t. You’re just lonely. #hurts
  • 23:52:19: I love you. | Nope. You lust me. #hurts

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