From Twitter 05-12-2011

  • 00:36:40: Someone just killed me on Facebook. I’m surprised that I’m still alive. Maybe I actually have died months ago. Me & my senses.
  • 00:38:38: Korannya Connie is out! ▸ Top stories today via @missviona @jenniesbevcom
  • 00:45:06: Now thinking of #nowplaying. *setrika jidat*
  • 01:06:47: When a code is successfully decoded, the fun’s gone. Just like love. The getting-to-know period is more fun than the relationship itself.
  • 09:48:40: Good morning. Reading my timeline & many people are telling their personal experience of May 1998 riot happened :(
  • 09:51:23: I was one of the scared “WNI keturunan” as the riot happened close to my neighborhood at that time. Thk God He kept me & my family safe.
  • 09:53:06: There are too many things to tweet if we look back to May98. Anyways, it’s over & whoever created the riot, he’s facing God’s judgement now.
  • 09:54:14: I must admit that the news of Suharto’s death was one of the good news I’ve ever heard in my life that should be celebrated :)
  • 10:00:03: #30HariAvatarBerdua hari ke-5: It’s me and @gabhoy. Taken the first time we met last year & Gaby, let’s meet up again! | cc: @gembrit
  • 10:07:07: #FF @dwikaputra & read his timeline. He’s sharing his #mei98 moments. Learn how frightening it was being a “keturunan” at that time :\
  • 10:15:18: “Instead of weeping when a tragedy occurs in a songbird’s life, it sings away its grief.” – Anon.
  • 10:18:58: “The tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick #mei98
  • 10:49:07: Lha avatarnya koq jadi avatar sama Meneer lagi ya? *lempar kipas bulu ke timeline*
  • 11:10:06: *menyimak cerita @enda*
  • 11:11:58: 11:11 – May all the victims of May 1998 Tragedy be strengthened by His divine love & may we all learn & move on. We love you, Indonesia.
  • 12:03:40: Ada kepingin ngurek-ngurek udelku pake minyak kayu putih rasanya.
  • 12:14:36: Bebeb, bebek, bebeb :9 (@ Bebek Goreng H. Slamet)
  • 12:51:09: Siapa yg kamu ingat saat kamu melihat ada kotak amal di pojokan? Mention! #SoalKotakAmal
  • 12:57:06: Ada yang aneh ketika kamu makan bebek goreng tapi kenyangnya kenyang pisang. *burp*
  • 13:14:48: Eh. @gabhoy bkn mantan dong! *ngakak sampe mencret* x’D RT @oliveadhelia: Kak Connie ikut #1HariAvatarBerduaMantan nya _supermomo juga yaaa?
  • 13:48:22: Terima kasih, Tuhan – terima kasih sudah menjawab doaku biar pun hanya sejenak. Hujannya sudah berhenti, tapi udaranya jadi adem :3
  • 14:09:08: Next to me a tarot reader is reading one’s fortune. I feel like eavesdropping. Iya, iya. Gue kepo :D
  • 14:52:38: Awww… my timeline is the sweetest. They all care for you, @aurelhermansyah *tangis haru* :’)
  • 14:56:24: Oh geez. How I hate this song, and even more, this song is #nowplaying at Starbucks :\ ♫
  • 16:07:31: Dari kedai kopi yang satu ke kedai kopi yang lain. Ay, ngamen, ay. (@ Oh La La Cafe)
  • 16:09:52: Jadi Gaby yg jd pasangan #30HariAvatarBerdua saya hr ini ternyata lumayan terkenal ya. *manggut-manggut* *kepala menggelinding ke parkiran*
  • 16:51:44: Aku mengharapkan langit terbuka saat ini, dan ketika wajahku menghadap ke atas ada tangan Tuhan yang memelukku :(
  • 18:31:00: Thank you, @Broerie. I hope you feel much better & enlighted. *big bear hugs* (@ *~ ♥ of @Dear_Connie ~*)
  • 18:34:16: I mean, “enlightened” deh *tampar muka sendiri sampe gigi muncrat ke Monas*
  • 18:43:26: There’s nothing as a coincidence. Once again it’s proven today. The plan was Bakoel Koffie, but we ended up at Starbucks. And we met Baby.
  • 18:52:55: People need to be listened by other people that understand them. We need our thoughts & feelings to be heard, not just our words.
  • 18:54:51: Beneran lho. Dari pagi saya pikir ini hari Jumat :\
  • 19:06:59: I’m in love with love. Always. And I will never give up on it.
  • 19:09:39: Seandainya bau keringat semua orang itu baunya kayak minyak kayu putih, mungkin dunia akan menjadi tempat sangat damai :3
  • 19:25:28: Cara mencintai yang salah justru akan membuat orang yang dicintai menjauh.
  • 19:46:25: Iya sih. Kalo bakal kayak dulu lagi ya mending nggak usah aja. Ngapain?
  • 20:01:13: Kepingin banget makan bihun dokdok. Kepinginnya banget. Males banget jalan ke tempat bihun dokdok. Malesnya banget. Aku galau, tuips :\
  • 20:04:40: Gimana sih caranya kita bisa tau bahwa kita sedang ketiduran saat kita ketiduran? #SoalKetiduran
  • 21:30:38: Udah ah. Mau nggak mau harus jalan ke belakang. Lapar. Doakan aku nggak ketemu tuyul ya, tuips. Ini malam Jumat the 13th & the Backone.
  • 22:50:06: A cool social networking for those who are into #LOA & #TheSecret | cc: @kikisuriki @imelbing @DewiSubrata
  • 23:09:07: “The good thing about the bad things, is that they always make way for even better things.” –
  • 23:13:09: “Be the love you wish to see in the world.” – @mikedooley
  • 23:14:26: “That you’re even here, alive in the jungles of time & space, means you’re worthy of all else your heart desires.” – @mikedooley
  • 23:20:46: “Life is the ultimate adventure because thoughts become things, dreams come true, and all things are possible.” –
  • 23:29:06: Think of the one area of life that brings you the most discomfort, & that’s where you’re ripe for growth. #NoteFromTheUniverse
  • 23:39:52: LOL! RT @EpicTweets_: Just saw a motorcycle rider with a shirt that said “If you can read this that means my girlfriend fell off.”
  • 23:48:19: cc @iwanwinarto RT @TheDailyVirgo: Two Virgos can arise the feeling of jealousy in others. This relationship hs a long lasting compatibility
  • 23:55:25: :)) RT @MrBouche: I lol at people who post “I am pissed off and I don’t want to talk about it” on facebook. Well, obviously, you do!

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